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Jane Eyre book cover

Jane Eyre is one of my favourite books, so I decided to use that as my book re-design project.

Some examples of covers already in existence for Jane Eyre:

I've tried to pick a varied sample here, but the majority of the ones that I found used Jane's face (mostly in silhouette form). 

For me, the main imagery in the book that sticks in my mind is that of fire. The candles that light the darken hallways, the fires that Jane helps extinguish, and finally the fire that Jane is not there to extinguish, and that leaves Rochester blind. 

So I decided to go with fire as the theme for the cover. First I wanted a bold cover (as so many of the classic designs have been really understated, despite it being a book full over bravery, love and loss) so thought of just having a bedroom on fire.

I then had the idea of a jacket with the fire, printed on slightly translusent paper, and a bedroom beneath. After a few rounds of thinking/testing, I decided to go with this:

The Jacket shows the fire, however I decided against the translusent aspect of it in the end, as I wanted it to be a complete surprise/shock when the reader takes off the jacket, to see the wreckage underneath. I also decided to go with a burnt out room, as I felt that was a more effective choice for the kind of impact I'm aiming for.

Some more shots: 


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