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Jane - Design + Lettering

Hello and thanks for visiting! This is my first attempt at Brush Pen Lettering, and I'm thrilled to have taken this class; I really learned a lot.


This first photo shows the earliest stage. I started with a pencil and as you can probably see, I wasn't too inspired yet. It was very elementary.


Then I picked up the brush pen and started to practice. It took a while to get a feel of the pen and especially to keep a steady hand and consistent stroke. I went back and forth between a Prismacolor and Copic. I'd love to order a Zebra, I think the stiffer brush might work better for me.


Then I continued to write my name, at least a thousand times. When the ligatures started to come through, I got very inspired and really enjoyed this process, even though it was insanely repetitive. My hand was quite sore by the end! Also of note, I didn't really know when the "end" was. I could have gone on for days.


Once I was satisfied with the composition, I brought out the tracing paper and used both the brush pen and a variety of finer pens for refinement. My main issues were with the dot on top of the "i" and the thickness of the "s." Also, I didn't even think about keeping a baseline (it's super wonky!) so I decided to forget about it and tackle it in Illustrator. By this time, I was pretty eager to move on.


This was my favourite sketch, and the main one I used for vectoring..... up next!


Then I scanned and a few versions of the sketch, opened em up in Illustrator and become slightly obssessed with the next stages. I learned a lot about working with vectors. In the past, I never quite understood how to use them properly. My previous illustrations were very messy; I paid no attention whatsoever to keeping the handles on a straight vertical or horizontal. So, I am happy to have figured this out. At this point, I thought my logo looked pretty satisfactory... until I employed the circle technique. Those darn circles opened up a whole new sight of errors. I silently cursed at them. But (deep breath) I cleaned it up bit by bit and....


White version


Black version.... more tweaking!


And one more inspired by the drawing tool icon in the sample project. I had another version with the subtext on a curved line, but it was really competing with the curves in the title.

For now, I am done working on this. I'm not sure lettering is my calling, but I certainly enjoyed seeing this come together. I learned a ton and am so happy to have increased my skill set. Looking forward to taking more classes!


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