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Jamie Tiller Is Dead


Sid huffed as she walked towards me. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Blood trailed from her lips down the ground and her eyes were still wide open with fear. Dead eyes. 

"Grab her, Sal" Sid ordered, walking past me. I shooked my head and backed away. Sid didn't like that. She narrowed her eyes at me, gripping the gun in her hands and taking a step towards me. 

"Grab her, Sally...now" She said once again, but louder. I sucked in a breath and hurried to pick up Jamie. Her blood covered my hands and I felt the urge to throw up. I turned, the corpse in my arms, to see Sidney smiling at me. She hooked her arms with mine and giggled at me. 

"Wasn't that fun, Sal? We should do it more often! Now, let's go- we've got to get her to the courthouse before sunrise" Sid pulled me along towards the road. What just happened? Sidney just killed her. I watched her kill Jamie.

Jamie Tiller is dead. 


A few weeks ago, Jamie Tiller's lifeless half-naked body was found in a fountain that stood right outside the courthouse of Eckleston County. The whole population of around 2,000 people wept in her memory, except two. Sidney Ross and I didn't sob at the sight of her body being lifted from the water into the freezing december air. She smiled and I scowled. I knew what Sidney had done. What we had done to Jamie. 

Question was- who was Sidney going after next?


Hi! Um, I'm not really sure about the second part so..if anyone is willing to advise that would be very helpful, thank you! I hope you all like it. It's just in the works now, but if you guys like it- then I think I might publish it on wattpad. SO, please! Feedback is encouraged and welcomed. 


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