Jamie Donner's tempº App

Hi all,

I've tried to keep my app simple and without a lot of clutter on each screen.  I could always add another view / view controller to show more detail.  As was mentioned already in one of the other projects, I also would use Core Location / Location Services to get the devices current location and likely use this as the default location.  I seem to like the apps that use color to somewhat match up with the temp.  So, I would like to do something with that.  In my extended forecast screen I have an analog clock in which you could wind the hour hand and it will snap to the closest hour.  You then select AM or PM and use a stepper to select the date  (within say a five day range or whatever it turns out to be).  To see the temp for your other locations at this date/time you could then just swipe the main screen left or right.  Adding and removing locations is accomplished via the plain jane table view and search bar.  I'm trying to learn iOS dev (I have 2 /mediocre/ apps in the App store) now and am not much of a designer I'm afraid.  I'm not anticipating my project to be outstanding in any way, in fact I'm even new to Photoshop.  I just want to get an overview of what tools you use and the process ya'll go through. Jamie Donner's tempº App - image 1 - student project