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JamesGSR's Webcomic Starterkit!!!

Here's my brainstorm head sheet. I had a lot of fun with this, but the whole 'line-sculpting' and 'keeping it simple' parts are waaay outside of my comfort zone! I also tried to stay in a more manga style which is not what I'm used to (trying lots of new techniques!). 

Ok, now the hard part, I can't decide which characters to go with! Give me lots of feedback and critique away so I can decide what direction to take this in!

First draft of female body types, threw in a dialog just for ha ha's. The ax might look fimiliar too. :)

I've got many upgrades in mind (I was really inspired by another classmates project who is thinking outside the box, we'll see how it goes from here). Next I'll get to work on the male character, then outfits!

Here are my male characters, feel free to mix-n-match body parts when commenting on what you like/don't like. AND PLEASE COMMENT!!! I love the feedback! :)


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