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Eniola Odetunde




James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

I chose James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. Roald Dahl creates fantastical stories that aim to instruct and teach a lesson. I began to brainstorm based on all the Roald Dahl stories I had read as a child. I also re-read James and the Giant Peach to get accurate desciptions. Dahl does an amazing job of describing his characters, from James' striped shirt, his shaggy brown hair, to his aunts, one thin and whispy, the other fat and short. 

I chose to focus on Dahl's description of the different insects and bugs. I love the way he describes them.

  • The nine black spots on the red shell of the lady bug.
  • The Centiped's forty-nine pairs of legs with forty-nine pairs of brown laced boots.
  • Aunt Spike with her steel rimmed glasses
  • Aunt Sponge with her red ruddy face

I especially love how Dahl describes the fight between James and his friends and the Cloud-Men. There is this great scene with the large peach floating above the clouds. It is held by thousands of seagulls attached by thin silk strings. I also wanted to focus on this scene. 

I was inspired by very traditional lettering shape like Didot or Bodoni, but I also wanted a letter form that had a semi-uniform width with serifs.

Rough design in Illustrator. I might add the characters to the D (which is to signify the peach). I haven't decided on the color scheme yet.

I added some of the charaters to the letterform itself. I haven't decided on what color to make the letterform. I want it to look like a peach, but I want to limit the colors to 2. Any suggestions?

Final Drop Cap


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