James & The Giant Peach

James & The Giant Peach - student project

Something peculiar is about to happen.. 

The above was a line at the beginning of the book that I wanted to capture energetically in my cover. Although it is clear from my cover that something peculiar already happened in the scene that I chose. This was my favorite book as a kid and I re-read it for this project - I had no idea how dark it was. I wanted to capture a sense of the danger that James and his friends faced, especially when they were flying over the ocean in the peach which was being held up by silk ropes in seagulls mouths. Also, the terror that they felt when they ran into the Cloud People. I just alluded to those things in the cover instead of explicitly putting them there. The typeface that I chose for the title and author gives a feeling that the book is for children, but the dripping peach juice, and the "D" kind of angled in a way that it is being propelled forward into an unexpected future - hopefully, giving the right amount of foreboding and interest to capture the vibe of the book :) 

I am taking this course/workshop because I'm a huge fan of Jessica Hische's work. I love lettering and typography, and out of respect for the art I have stayed far away from lettering and vectorizing letters. But I decided its time to go for it. So that is my disclaimer in saying that my vector work sucks (but I did spend A LOT of time trying to plot these vector points correctly). I'm going to keep working on it!

James & The Giant Peach - image 1 - student project