JamaiQuintas (Jamaican Thursdays)

Hi All

This is my first project in this class. I want to do another one until finish!

So, Jamaiquintas is a real local client. A party that plays  old jamaican LPs and all good vibration arround Dub, Roots, danceHall, etc.

The client gave me only the info to put on the artwork. Without a briefing. As a "feel free"process. With this I start a research arround jamaican universe, some cultural behaviors. Trying to figure out a briefing.

Smoke marijuana ofcourse is a part of the culture of jamaican music. Here in Brazil we live a moment of hard discussion about the legalization of marijuana. Every single day a news about pot. Using this fact I try to put this cultural element as a spot on my artwork.

With this subject I wanted to mix with something vintage. The music is from old Lps, from  60's, 70's. And I have a idea to produce a kind of "medicine label of marijuana". 

So, I made some researchs for that:

After this, I started some sketches:

And here is the final version:

Thanks, Folks



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