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Jalapeno Chips and Backflips

Hello! My name is Candace. I really enjoyed this class. Cyril you are a great teacher and your style is super fun. I am also left-handed, so it was great to hear about your struggles and see your techniques. Along with being fairly new to lettering being left-handed adds some hurdles along the way. With that being said here is my project:

I've been trying to live more in the present which to me is also having a simple outlook on things so that's where I got the "Live Simple", and I thought throwing in the f-word would add a nice classy touch. ;)


I wanted to do the word Simple in a fancy style lettering, I though it would be fun to do, but it also turned out to be hard and not simple-mission accomplished. ;)


I wanted to work on my script lettering, so I thought a "fancy" f-bomb would add to the overall fun of the piece.


But as you'll see in my final piece I am just having a hard time with this style lettering, even with doing it hte way Cyril does. So I'm not too happy with the final outcome of this word.

Here is it al layed out and ready to be inked. The word Simple was inspired by a Mary Kate McDevitt book I have.And i really had high hopes for this turning out decent.


But then this happened....


Which isn't bad, but I feel like there is just too much going on that just doesn't flow too good.I do like how Live turned out, it's nice just to let go and not worry about "perfection". And I really enjoyed tryihng out the dot shading, but I feel like the bold outline just doesn't go with it too well.

So I re-did the whole thing. But I basically quickly sketched it out and went for it.

So now my final project is this:


Oh and I used a .5 Micron and the thin end of a Tombow brush pen.


And there ya go. The dots ae really fun to do and I plan to utilize them more in the future. I think it's fun to see lettering that isn't the same as everyone else's. I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for looking! :)


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