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Jake - the introverted, lost hero.


Jake is a gamer and avid reader who would rather hide at home. He gets anxious easily especially when dealing with the unknown. At the same time, when pushed to his limits to survive, he can probably be braver than he seems to protect the people around him.

This is the first time in a few years that I'm designing a male character, so any suggestions would be really helpful!

Part 1 - Thumbnail sketches (1.5 hours)

As he is a frail-looking person who would probably just wear basic clothes, I experimented with different poses to highlight his character traits and confusion/self denial when he was possessed by an evil spirit, which paralyzed him.

(I know I'm not supposed to think of specific things at this stage, but it was easier to visualise each thumbnail by thinking about examples of his behaviour)   

Part 2 - Refined sketches (3 hours)

Poses - As the Part 1 poses were quite stiff, I checked out some photo references to improve on some of them.

Clothes -  those that he'd probably be comfortable with wearing at home

General appearance - in his own world / angsty / moody / messy


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