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Jake Jorgovan

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Jake Jorgovan - Inspiring creatives to launch their career

1) My business and brand: Jake Jorgovan's mission is to inspire creatives to launch their career. Through educational and inspirational content Jake helps creatives go from a struggling artist to an established creative professional. 

2) 11 Questions

What is marketing for? Marketing is for inspiring creatives to launch their career. This marketing is most corely driven by the purpose to inspire and help others. As a long term goal, this attention will turn into revenue when I lanch 'The Creative's Guide to Launching Your Career' in early 2015

What can I touch? Everything

What can I measure? Site Visits, Conversion Rates, E-mail signups, Facebook fans, Audience engagement and feedback

What promise am I going to make? To help creatives learn how to do what they love, work for themselves and grow their income

What is the hard part? Building a group of strong followers that can help spread this message 

Should your be making trends or following them? It is a mixture of both. I am following some of the trends of other authors and personalities already in the market, but I want to pave my own path. I want to bring something new to the conversation

Where is the Risk? I may make a fool of myself, I may waste time that could have been put toward doing client projects and generating more money.

Who is in charge? Me

Where am I going to spend my money? Facebook advertising, web hosting and various expenses. 

How should I be spending my time? Creating quality content and then promoting that content in order to attract new readers

3) The P Words

Permission - I am putting out lots of free content in hopes to draw more audience members into my social media and e-mail marketing lists. Once I have their attention, I plan to build trust by providing more quality content until I eventually make an offer for a sale

People like us - I target my content toward creative professionals 

Persistence - I write every single day and publish at minimum once per week

Purple - I travel the world while doing creative work. This gives me a slighly unique angle that intersts many people

4) The Action Theory of Marketing - Concepts

Story - I am currently primarily using my own story as a frame of reference for teaching but recently I began mentoring and coaching others so I plan on using their real world stories as other examples for my audience as well. My goal is that by sharing these storeis of how people became succesful in their field, it can help others do the same. 

Weird - I target creatives, artists and entrepreneurs. 

Persona - My persona is an aspiring creative professional who wants to work for themselves, they want to do their creative work full time but they simply don't know how to get started or how to actually make money from doing creative work. I help them make that jump. 

Design - I do all my own design and put a lot of focus on that in my work. Take a look at my site at www.jake-jorgovan.com

Awareness - Facebook, Twittter, Linkedin, E-mail marketing, Guest blogging, Guests on Podcasts

Authority - I am working on positioning myself as an authority in the creative market

Copywriting - I write everyday and work hard to improve my copywriting skills

Frequency - I publish new content at minimum once per week

Movement - I want to make a movement of creators who desire to launch their career and owrk for themselves. I don't just want to teach the tacticts though, I want to teach the mentality and the freedom that comes from a succesful freelance career. It can free you up in so many ways in your life and I want to see other people have the same freedom that I do. 

Trust - I build trust with every blog post I write

E-mail marketing - I have opt-ins all over my site for my e-mail list and I send out weekly updates to my subscribers

Sneezers - I am working on connecting with other bloggers, and authorities in the creative professional industry to cross promote with their platform

5) What do I stand for? What am I trying to accomplish?

I stand for creativity and doing what you love. I stand for living a non-traditional lifestyle and living life on your own terms. I stand for creatives everywhere and I want to help them further their careers and creative life.

6) My story

My name is Jake Jorgovan and my mission is to inspire creatives to launch their career and live a life on their own terms.

After launching two successful creative ventures, I felt that it was time to give back and teach the world many of hard lessons learned along the way.

Currently I am writing The Creative's Guide to Launching your Career. This book is a collection of everything I have learned personally and from others about how to launch a successful creative career.

As for my own creative journey, it is a bit different than others. At the end of 2013, I changed career paths and built a creative career that allowed me to work remotely and travel the world.

While traveling, I blog on the topics of building a successful creative career and I also freelance as a Squarespace web designer.

I publish a weekly newsletter with inspiration and education on launching your creative career.

- See more at: http://jake-jorgovan.com

My question for the Skillshare community?

As creatives and marketers, does my story resonate with you?

Are you interested to learn more and follow me? Why or why not?

What are your thoughts and feedbacks on the personal brand I am creating?


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