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Jaira Adlawan

I'm going for it.



Jaira's basic watercolour workshop

Hello all!

And thanks so much Katie for this workshop! It's come as such an opportune time in my life as I've recently just decided to change my career from being an advertising account/project manager into graphic design. I'll be commencing my graphic design course soon and would really like to mix some watercolour illustrations into my style. I've only just started learning watercolour and have loved your tutorials so far :) This is essentially the beginning of my journey to become a graphic designer and I am incredibly excited for this journey!

Here's the first set of colour chart I did with a series of colours from a Winsor and Newton half pan set.


The below is the second set I did playing with just the primary set of colours. I really particularly enjoyed this and the palette of colours I can see! I never thought just these colours could produce such a vibrant set of colours and feel that this exercise has really expanded my colour mixing horizons! 


This is my first attempt of the patent leather shoe. I think I struggled with the shoe angle and perspective and the colours are quite off.


Two days later, I attempted another patent leather shoe watercolour to improve my first. This time, I used my real leather shoe as my still model, which I believe helped with getting the shades better. Still not 100% happy with it but it's definitely an improvement from the first! Will be practicing this again :) 


Here's my attempt at suede! After reading some of your comments on someone else's work, I tried going for the 'loose watercolour' style. Not quite sure if I achieved what I wanted to achieve but here it is! I think one of the things I struggle with is the building up colours part - do you normally build up when the paint is still slightly wet or is it OK to add on when it's dry?

Also, does it make a huge difference when I have texured hot press paper?


And my attempt at the sequined shoe. I really enjoyed this and loved creating the texture. I'll definitely be using this technique for other textures. Really loved using the different colours and creating this effect. I I'll be attempting this again for a different shape, and make the edges softer and defined. Loved the colours too!



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