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Jaefields is a brand from Portland Oregon.  Our goal is to illustrate the great Northwest as well as other lifestyle that ever influences us.  All threads and accessories are designed and crafted for any occasion to look and feel good - summer camping trips, night out in the town, afternoon skate session, your favorite dive bar.  It's how you choose to dress up/down with Jaefields.  Because really, we have more then just trees and Phil Knight.  


Selecting the name was probably the hardest part.  I want it to be unique and creative, but at the same time be able to relate to me.  After all, it's a brand that's inspired by what I see, breathe and eat.  

Growing up, I've honed the skill of accurate pronunciation of the unusual spelled names, mainly because my name was hard to pronounce.  There was nothing more I wanted as a kid then to have a first and last name that any person can spell and pronounce.

It's pronounced Jay-Fields.  Jae is the first syllable of all my cousins name (if you want to learn more about this...) and Fields is from the movie Field of Dreams: baseball.  Those put together a name I wanted as a child, smooth and easy to flow, but the letter E gives it that unique look to it.



Is it too short?  Maybe, but it's what the brand will reflect: 'we must continue to move forward'.

Growing up in the Northwest, we witnessed the small city convert to a dominant landmark.  With change it's always who leads, evolves and maintains.  Those three important traits reflect Jaefields' direction and foundation of our work -

  • lead with our unique style and design
  • evolve and adapt to new ideas and concepts
  • maintain our integrity and idea behind every thread/item 


Our logo is simple - the cursive signature logo and 5 letter logo.  I'm also creating a simple beige rectangle as our icon, inspired by the welt pockets.  Our winter collection will have the first series of the fake pocket button-down.  It's not final and work in progress.


Inspired by the Northwest, there will be two 'series' for every seasonal collection: Premium and Lifestyle.

Every premium collection item will be handcrafted, right here in Portland Oregon (aside from fabric).  It's important for me to keep things local and to see that it was created right here locally.

The Lifestyle collection will reflect various lifestyle sports, events art... list goes on.  Our hope is that we can draw a picture in your head, through one piece or the whole collection, of the lifestyle.

Even the little items that gets little attention has a story.  The neck tags and hang tags are both molded, printed and cut all by hand or the 1934 oregonian newspaper printer in Southeast Portland.  

FALL/WINTER RELEASE (Inaugural Collection)

Winter Cardinal Vest (1 of 4 color ways)

Military Jacket

5 Panel Strap Back Cap

Handprinted necktags on all premium collection

Button-down : cotton linen








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