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Jacques Brel - Ses 16 plus belles chansons

The quest :

It took me a long time to find the artist I would like to work on. But when I tought about Brel, it become evident that it was the right one. For me it's really uplifting music, everytime I listen to him, I find myself burning with passion, smilling or simply deeply thinking, I enjoy the effect his music has on me, it's incredible to think it was written so long ago and still convey so much meaning even so I wasn't even born when he created those masterpieces.

The angle

I would like to be able to convey that passion and incredible flow he have in his song, but the hard part about brel is getting away from the classic image. Lot of it is about Paris, the cafe, the dark street, his epic concert at l'olympia, I would really like to keep some part of it, but change the angle, create an album cover like he was an artist from our time. 

The album : Jacques Brel - Ses 16 plus belles chansons (its a best of)

Release date : from 1958-1977

The original image used for album :

The mood in word :

flow, passion, love, expressive, vibrant, flow, romantic, old school, french, modern, playfull

The mood in image :


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