Jacqueline's GoMighty List

My main goal is to do good work. It really is that simple. I want to create spaces for myself and others to create the best work they can. So many of us are doing it half assed, how other people want us to do it, are blocked by fear, don't have the right connections or are just scared witless. It doesn't have to be that way, we can connect and create amazing things through mentorship, partnership, self awareness, letting go of fear and diving deep. 

I have simple and complex goals - all of it is to be better, connect more, and remember not to take myself too seriously.


This year I am using the One Little Word of Focus to get clear on what I want to offer the world. It is a journey, not a destination and I am loving the ride.

You can find out all about me, my pasions and where I am online here: https://www.vizify.com/jacqueline-wolven#

If I can help YOU move forward on your goals and find connection - reach out. I just might have the tool, person, or idea you were looking for to make it all come true.


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