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Jacob Valentine- A Work In Progress

I want to start by briefly introducing myself. My name is Jacob Valentine and I am aspiring menswear designer. I've always been in love with fashion, but have always kind of stepped back thinking that it probably isn't a practical career choice. After a few years of chasing my tail and dropping in and out of community colleges I’ve come to the conclusion that I really cant commit to a career that I’m not passionate about. I'm 25 and I'm at a point in my life where I have come to the conclusion that life isn't really worth living if you’re not enjoying it, so I'm giving a pretty big middle finger to practicality and just going for it. I can have a job that pays the rent and still work towards something that I love doing. I bought a sewing machine a month ago and this is a baby step towards becoming a legitimate designer.

Most of the things that inspire me are pop culture related (Characters in movies or books. Music, etc.) and for this particular project my inspiration comes from the film and title character in the movie Edward Scissorhands. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the movie can click below.


I am really inspired by gothic fairy tales and particularly inspired by the visuals and themes in this film.

Quick Summary of the film: Edward lives alone in a castle on the top of a hill outside of a hyper colorful suburban neighborhood. A driven Avon lady drives up to the Mansion desperate to make a sale and discovers Edward. After seeing his living conditions and learning that he has been alone after the death of his inventor, she invites him to come live with her in the heart of Suburbia. The rest of the movie deals with how he affects and changes the Suburban neighborhood.

I could go on for hours explaining every little detail that I found inspiration from in this movie, but the primary idea that I am focusing on is fusing the gothic and whimsical asthetic of the castle with the aesthetic of the quirky suburban neighborhood.

I will come back to this thread often to update and discuss my process. I hope to hear feedback from all of you and look forward to discussing your inspirations as well.



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