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Jackson 5 / logo reinterpretation & Tom Petty - Stand Your Ground

Hello, and Thanks for taking a look at my project! Below I have taken a second stab at my Jackson Five logo reinterpretation and revinvisioned the logo as a brand of guitar amplifier. 

Here are the steps I took to get to this final design:

I made a quick mind map around the idea of cool amplifiers and my vision for the project slowly came into sight. I thought it might be funny to add in a Spinal Tap reference with the knobs that go all the way up to 11. 

While looking for swipe I found a cool funky color pallete to vibe off of and a few examples of what I was had seen in my minds eye after mind mapping. I decided to treat the lettering in a sans serif to visually take it away from the O.G Jackson 5 logo, which had a heavily contrasting script. 

Here are my initial sketches which happened to be in a Script and later refined into a Sans Serif:

Below is my refined Sans Serif Sketch that I took into illustrator. 


Hey Everybody! I was concidering this project for a second run and thought I would make a piece for my dad. One of his favorite artists is Tom Petty, so I decided to letter a line from his hit "I won't back down". This piece is person to me because its the line he would tell me! "In a world that keeps on pushing me around, I'll stand my ground." "Stand your ground Ray!", my dad would say to me. 

Anyway my mind map helped me land on the words, "strong, bold, and authentic", and I decided to make the message, "Stand Your Ground" to make the message about the viewer. 

So moving forward I created a few chicken scratch sketches to get the ideas flowing.

At this stage I knew that I wanted to make the final piece bold, authentic and strong. I thought that bold letters would obviously get at the bold I was looking to achieve, and I decided to beef up the strength of the visual by having each word underline itself. I would hint at the authentic quality of the quote with texture in the final piece. Below is my more refined sketch, and the digital version I posted to Instagram. Excited to share that this piece was reposted by Typography Inspired, the largest Typography Blog on instagram! 

When I first started mind mapping I wanted to create a piece about Michael Jackson. I got to thinking what some of my favorite songs were and right off the bat I thought of his hits "ABC" and "I want you back" from his early days in The Jackson 5. So I started my mind map with the Jackson 5 in mind! 

The parts of my mind map that I would like to move forward with and portray in my lettering piece are the qualities of Togetherness and Youthfulness. In the lettering itself I can imagine some overlapping of characters to represent togetherness. I was also thinking that youthfulness could be tapped at through the use of unique pattern, mix/match color and texture found in funky 1970s clothes as a supporting element. I was thinking that this could all come together in a reinterpretation of their logo.

So the first sketches I made were inspired by the lettering treatment of the Parliament album cover. I was digging the combination of fragmented sans-serif and the script and thought it could work something like the following sketch:

The following sketch is also inspired by the Parliament album cover from my mood board, but was kind of frankensteined with the marquee elements of their stage performance backdrop in my moodboard.

After these sketches, I had a feeling that the treatment of fragmented sans-serif is cool and all, but maybe was not delivering as much on the connectedness I was aiming for. 

In the following sketches I was inspired by the connectedness of the Soul Train logo. 

And from this sketch above, I realized I could incorportate the heart from the 5 of their original logo. I also made the J more pronounced and refined the connections between letterforms all together. So below is the most refined version:

I am curious if you all prefer one direction to the other and think I can pick one direction and move forward, or if you think I should keep sketching. I appreciate your time! Thanks so much for viewing my project! 


Hey Everyone! I guess I was digging my most refined sketch and decided to bring it into illustrator to make it vector. Still need refinement, but I think I am happy with how it is progressing. Any thoughts? 

Here I just wanted to see what it would look like thrown ontop of an old photo! 


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