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Jackie Chan Tribute

This is a sample project I had fun with preparing to take part in my class as a student :) I think Jackie Chan simply deserves it ! He is and was an impactful person during my childhood, the movies and his overall life anticipation and energy was always something to look up to. Still is. 

This is how the end result did turn out. The path was rocky so check out my first fails before it:


At first I wanted to prepare this design with completely different fonts. The "Nagasaki" font made sense in my mind and I tought it will be perfectly suitable, after a few approaches I came up with this:


Well...it didn't turn out as I would expect. Text was hardly visible and didn't convey the right feeling with it, heck it's no Yakuza or mafia boss, it's Jackie ;) so I changed it to "Impact" to go more straightforward and it went a lot better. I started from scratch because I've messed up that project completely so needed a clean slate. After re-designing it I made a nice border with simple Chinese traditional ornaments to underline the origin and character of the entire poster. It's not like I completed the project first try. I even tried it with another photo but that was sadly not usable so I needed a change...ASAP!


For the text that is no quote I just wanted to show an example of how you can compose this with any text you'd like. 


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