Jackelope Hotel

Jackelope Hotel - student project

Clearly I am a Rookie still. Tried not to overdo it, and make my edits and effects subtle... 



- I focused on good transitions, kept the same music track for flow and did quite a bit of adding additional particle layers and what not. Just played around and found things that worked without being over the top and distracting. The vineyard footage at the end I got a bit nutty but I played around with the mask and the pin light seems to work well... idk, i went with it. 

- I plan to use same music and see if I can turn the scariest movie from my childhood, The Shining, look like a joy to watch and that fun is to be had at the Overlook Hotel. Amazing what some calculated edits and audio and do to footage, changing it from evil and scary to warm and pleasant... ha.

Thanks for the great class.