Cody Changet

Graphic Designer / Illustrator




1. Favorite Mugs - My two favorite mugs that I found were the Norquay Co. designs and the Strange Matter Coffee design. The illustrations they have are so awesome!




2. Sketches & Ideas - From the start, I knew I wanted to do an animal of some sort, but I was worried I would pick the same animal as somebody else, so I chose a Jackalope. How much more unique can you get than a mythical woodland creature? At first thought, I wanted to give it a Native American type feel, but I found that the illustration style strayed away from that and layout was not "outdoorsy" enough. I did all of my sketching on my iPad Pro, then image traced in Ai.


3. Final Design - I tried a few different color schemes, but found that this one added the most contrast and interest for my overall design. As a wraparound design, I am not sure where the layout would actually fall on the mug itself, but I have tried my best to place where I think it will show. Not sure if the inside part of my mug is allowed, just wanted to put it up and see. Can always be changed!




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