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Not sure how I found skillshare... or this course... but dang it was fun! I think I spent the whole day on it though, but it surely wasn't a day wasted. I saw too many lions, tigers, and bears as Fraser said, so I thought I'd do something a little out of the ordinary. Being from South Dakota, I thought, what better than a jackalope considering we've got a big fat statue at Wall Drug. I plan to go back and fix elements, and do a couple variations to throw onto my site, as well as maybe some mockups for personal enjoyment! :)

Finding a decent quality jackalope was tough.. so I had you use a little of Fraser's "creative license" to get by


Reference Image:.


Crappy looking tracing:


I'll be honest, I had to print this out a couple times and rework lines as I was finding it difficult to use the pen tool for farting around. 


My first go at it:



Finally, coloring. By far the most fun part of the class! :)


All in all, I'm super glad I had the time to take this class.. Very beneficial, and very fun!

Thanks Fraser! 

Let me know what you guys think!


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