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Jack the Wonder Pup

In keeping with the theme of dogs, I offer three shots of Jack, our 14 year old mixed Golden/Bernese rescue pooch.  Naturally playful and photgenic, Jack is an easy subject to photograph and the model for literally scores of pictures over the years.  

In looking at pictures of Jack over the 14 years, it's amazing to see how much he frames our lives by the fact that he too has been to every family event, vacation, holiday, and ordinary day.  Silently (mostly) living along side us, showing up in pictures, joining especially for meals, and being as part of us as anyone else in the family-more welcome than many family members actually.

Jack, in fact, helped our family make the move to vegetarianism after no one could argue their way out of the fact that how could we love him so much, but eat and wear animals so similar? Animals truly are so much more like us than we relize and make us better creatures. Thanks for looking!




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