Jack & Jenny's—A social responsible, community focused backpack company that gives to education with each purchase.

Jack & Jenny's—A social responsible, community focused backpack company that gives to education with each purchase.

The Mission / Ethos / Elevator Pitch

Jack & Jenny's is a company where every backpack purchased one will be donated to a child in need in a developing region. Enabling people to give with what they buy.

Why backpacks you may ask?

A backpack is a durable bag that is used to carry laptops, cameras, hiking supplies, sports equipment, clothes, food, yet most commonly used to carry educational materials for students. It's also a forgotten accesory in terms of self expression. People will always need carry their prized possesions from place to place.

Why Give with what you buy?

A for profit company fosters the best ideas to help solve this need by turning customers into benefactors of a cause instead of simply investors. It creates the best products for the customer and the philanthropic. Also, it creates a constant and steady flow for philanthropic donations.


 The 3 Biggest Problems

1— People have to like the style and design of the  backpacks.

2— People have to affirm that the apparent extra cost of the donation adds value to their purchase.

3— Does the giving do any good?


 The 4 Solutions to the Biggest Problems

1—We will have to finish the design of one bag with several variations : color, design elements, materials and test them with friends to see if the bags are likeable.

2—We will give some bags away to be tested by our target market (college to young professionals) and see what problems they run into: things that break, features they would like to add. This will be helpful since the proposed ideas are very unique and regionally inspired.

3—We should try to sell them at a local market (not farmers or thrift) to gauge people's response and hear feedback. 

4—We will have to establish a relationship with an education cause / charity to support with the donation and 'vet' them out.

The Plan

1—Create protoypes of the bags by hand and start user testing, finalizing color and materials. Give the initial protoypes away to our testers to determine problems

2—Try to sell an inital run of 25 at a market—guage interest and reactions. If they don't sell particularly well, redesign. If they sell well, increase the size and scope.

3—Do a large run of 100 bags, sell through market channels, try to sell in one or two local botiques.

4—continue scaling the scope after 100 to 200 and so on.


What's your goal? What's your success metric?

The success metric is the number sold and expanding into local botiques. Getting to a run of 200 and in 10 local shops in the first year is really important.

Which solution will you implement to hit your goal?

Make them by hand and sell them simply through Shopify or at a local market.

How will you reach your first 100 users / customers?

Local word of mouth primarily, contacts, small advertisements.

What is a good week-long experiment you can run to hit your goal?

Make a bag and try to sell it. Another way would be to run a kickstarter campaign to determine if there is enough interest.



Initial Sketches of the Backpacks


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