Jacaranda - student project

The other projects are so beautiful, I feel a bit self-conscious putting mine up.
It's jacaranda season in Australia right now, and I thought this technique might be a good way to draw jacaranda flowers. So I tried to do that.

I used the Kyle Webster Watercolour - Big Rough brush to colour the purple of the flowers. And then another brush called "Big Streak 2" to draw in the green foliage, and a Wet Charcoal brush to add details. I didn't use the lasso tool for the leaves because that would have taken a while.

I couldn't decide which background colour looked good, but I liked this super-bright lime green:

Jacaranda - image 1 - student project

and also a darker blue:

Jacaranda - image 2 - student project


Thanks very much for the class. I'll keep practicing! :)

Lucy Gow
Aspiring illustrator