James H.

Current Project: http://skl.sh/Y69ftC



JUSTICE - Stress Tour

About Me:

I'm a hipster/graphic designer/coffee connoisseur named James.

About the project: 

So, Justice is in all reality currently doing a tour - but it's nothing like my fictitious "Stress tour." If you havne't already gathered, I've drawn a lot of inspiration for the project from Justice's music video: Stress. I think it's an interesting and philosophical way that the musical duo has chosen to represent itself via hooliganism, destruction, and basically getting away with a lot of crime. It was at that moment that I thought to myself  - "That would be a bad ass tour..."

There's a few motifs carried out through the video that I chose to focus on: the breaking of glass, the focus on the Justice Cross, and the sort of turning on you (as a viewer). I decided to carry that same energy into the tour's campaign poster - or at least the initial sketches.


I spent a good amount of time studying other successful posters, as well as doing a few of my own studies, simply to explore composition and strengthen my relationship with it. 

Initial Sketches:

And finally - I put it all my findings together, and I think we're starting to get somewehre. 

Anddd that's where I am currently. Thoughts? Suggestions?


Update: 02.16.13

Revisited one of my sketches with some compositional improvements. Explored some different spatial relationships, and  pushed for more ambiguous figure ground relationship via broken glass. Thoughts?


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