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Del Hansen

'Old school' Designer and Illustrator



JUST PUBLISHED! Food Illustration - Design a mini-poster based on your favourite food


  • My class hit 180 students at the 2 week mark, which I'm pretty happy with.
  • I'm getting plenty of positive reviews (100% positive) which is also great.
  • I only have 2 student that have started their projects which is a little disappointing but probably not that unusual. I know I have enrolled in classes and not completed projects!

UPDATE: I have 25 students enrolled in less than one day - I feel really optimistic now! Thanks to all that have supported me here - I am happy to do the same for you!

I am super excited to announce that my first skillshare class - Food Illustration is now live! 

Here is the link for FREE enrolment...

Here is the link for Premium enrolment...

I have decided to start out with a free class as I don't have a prominent social media profile. I would love it if you would enrol and of course I would be happy to enrol in your class in return.

Here is the link to my class outline: Class outline

Take a peek at my trailer on YouTube: Click here to watch

About the class:

Let's face it, we're all a little bit obsessed with food! And because we love it so much, it makes the perfect subject for an fun and easy illustration project. 

This class will help you create an illustrated poster of your favourite food or drink.

Along the way I will share my pro tips for drawing delicious food and give you some cheat notes on easy hand lettering that will really enhance the overall design.  

Whether you prefer to draw by hand or create your illustration in Illustrator or Photoshop, at the end of this class you will walk away with a polished, professional looking food illustration that is good enough to share (and eat). 

About the class project:

For this class, you will create an illustrated poster based on your favourite food or drink.


Step1: Gather inspiration and create a mood board

To get the juices flowing, I encourage you to gather ideas on an inspiration board. You can gather your ideas from food photography and/or other food illustrators that you admire. You can also gather inspiration for colour schemes, various art materials that you may use and any typography that you like.  I have created a Pinterest board full of food illustrations to get you started. Pinterest Food Illustration 

Please post a screenshot or photo of your inspiration board to your project together with a brief description of your food illustration idea - I am super curious about your delicious ideas!

Step 2: Rough sketches and idea exploration

The second step is to make some rough sketches of your food items, playing around with style, colour and layout until you find an approach that works for you.

If you want to include typography in your design, then feel free to experiment with lettering and how it interacts with your illustration. Download the free PDF alphabet sheets below if you are stuck.

Again, I encourage you to post a page of your rough ideas to your project!

I understand that you may be shy in sharing such 'work in progress'. But this is a valuable step - as we all learn from looking at the art process of others.  This also gives you the opportunity for feedback from myself and your fellow students. I have included a page of early sketches in my sample project. Take a look and you will see how rough they are compared to the final product!

Step 3: Final Project - Food Illustration Poster

Finally, You will complete your illustration using whatever medium you prefer. You are free to mix media and use a combination of digital and hand drawn techniques. I like to create most of my illustrations using hand drawn techniques before scanning them into Photoshop for some final polishing.

Well done! Now make sure you post your final illustration onto your project page so we can all enjoy your work. I can't wait to see your food poster!

Your project deliverables

Your project page should include

  • Moodboard image (and brief description of your food subject)
  • Rough sketch page
  • Finished poster

Tools and materials you will need:

  • Your favourite drawing medium
  • Photo editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp
  • Camera and/or scanner

About me:

About me (Del Hansen): I am a designer and illustrator and I got my start in the industry many years ago as a chalkboard menu artist before working for some of the world's best known ad agencies as a designer and art director. 


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