JUNGLE TAPESTRY! | Skillshare Projects




This is my first attempt at a hero design:90047863That took absolutely forever!

And then I didn't like it when finished.

So- tried again. Second hero design- 7dd99aaaThis drove me INSANE! I'm not very good at putting shapes and colours together.

When Mel does it - it seems so simple, but this design has taken me days and days of fiddling with the positions of the shapes and re-drawing shapes, and recolouring.

Does it get easier with practice? Not sure.

I've just done a simple repeat for this design. I've tried the half drop repeat- but it requires some fiddling around- so I've just left it.

I've left the outline around the background squares- so the repeat can be seen.742dd184Well- now to try the supporting patterns. Fingers crossed.

  I have to say though, Mel, fantastic class- it really made me think about things


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