JS+jQuery Workshop

Milestone 1: Link to the repo

Milestone 2: Accessing parts of an object seems fairly straightforward and fun. Might take me a while to not mess up the syntax, but that's all down to practice, I guess.

Milestone 3: Jumping ahead a bit, as I don't know how busy the next couple of days are going to get. Repo is refreshed - everything went smoothly except for when I chose the wrong character to end the line one time. But that's how you learn, right?

Milestone 4: There you go - planning:


and basic structure:


Milestone 5: Done.

Milestone 6: It's in the repo, but not yet finished - have to debug and clean up tomorrow.

--Okay, found the bug - I mixed up two variables (don't know why, mind must have been somewhere else), but it works now. Happy little rocket looks like this:


Milestone 7: Done.

Milestone 8: jQuery seems to be fairly easy to use, eventhough I was scratching on the surface only and think, that it will take quite a while to get familiar with everything it can do and the deeper one gets the harder it might be to see through everything. Before jumping to JS and jQuery, it might be good to ponder, if the functionality one wants to implement can be done by using CSS and HTML, because those can do quite a few things as well.

Milestone 9: Done with the accordion.



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