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JRS by Juan Rheza Setiadi

I'm Juan and I am the head designer at JRS. 

Brand Name: JRS

Tag Line: "A mixture as precise and refined as a barcode."

JRS is an up-and-coming fashion label based and created in Auckland, New Zealand.

Currently, whilst still in the early stages, I have set out to build awareness for my label by creating high quality menswear and womenswear. Offering bespoke (made to measure) and pret-a-porter (ready to wear) options, JRS hopes to create highly personal and custom experiences for each of his clients and customers.

I create garments using high-quality hand-sourced fabrics and trims, ensuring that they are finished to the highest quality.

I was born in Indonesia, and had my life uprooted after being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at the age of 2. My parents and I moved to Auckland, with the hopes that the medical advancements here in New Zealand would cure me of the cancer. I swapped my native language and its accent for another with a different word for 'yes'.

Just as I have adapted and hybridized myself to various cultures by collecting different customs and languages in my life, I also draw inspiration from a wide range of cultures and styles. By doing this, I seek to take differing design elements and mix them to give classic garments my own personal twist.

After living in Auckland for over 20 years, as much as I feel like a true New Zealander, I'm still considered a foreigner. When I go back to my homeland, I am considered too 'foreign' to be 100% Indonesian, yet not foreign enough to be labeled as such. Because of this I have always felt out of place, and like a misfit - not necessarily fitting in anywhere.

I aim to design clothes for people like myself - eclectic, hybridized, misfits, and wanderers - people that don’t fit into any specific category or niche. I aim to create garments that will make you feel empowered. Garments that will make you feel like, “I don’t necessarily fit in anywhere - but I don’t give a fuck”. Because, in a world where people are labeled like soup cans, I feel it’s important to embrace the things that set you apart from everyone else. To embrace the fact that you, too, are a hybrid - a mixture as precise and refined as a barcode.

In the time that I've been actively working on my label, I've created several garments and bow ties for some regular customers as well as a couple of one-offs. So far my reach has included Singapore, Australia, the United States, Indonesia and various places in New Zealand. Hopefully as I continue to develop my brand, it will become universal.

In late 2013, a very good friend of mine approached me about becoming my first client. She was tired of buying clothes that were mass-produced and as a result, didn't fit her as well as she would have liked. She asked if I'd be interested in creating a line of bespoke (made-to-measure) garments for her, and of course I jumped at the opportunity! That is when Project Minami was established. Some of the pieces I have decided to make as a one-off (eg. The Sakura Skirt - first skirt below), and others I have released for sale through my online store in a range of sizes as well as a bespoke option for those wanting something more custom-made.

  • The Sakura Skirt:

  • The Komorebi Crop Top:

  • The Nagare Skirt:


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