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JP's Magical Portfolio Site

Goals for Portfolio Site

I would like to create a site that is intuitive and shows my creative style. I would like for it to create excitement through the work showcased and the overall site design.

I will be using the portfolio site to gain employment and freelance work.


-       honest

-       intuitive

-       interesting

 This is the link to my current portfolio site, but I want to totally revamp it and put up new work.

Project update 08/05

I have most of my copy and images prepared. After looking at many portfolio sites and how other designers showcase their work I think these links are closests to what I would like to do.

Project update 08/12

After a lot of back and forth I've decided to go with Cargo. I like that i can edit the css and html and they have some pretty good templates to start with.

Project update 08/21

Slow and steady. I went with the Landsat template and uploaded most of my images. At this point I am working on cutomizing the template and giving it my look and feel. I am also adding project descriptions.

This is a screen shot of it so far.


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