JM Wedding Typo Practice

JM Wedding Typo Practice - student project

JM Wedding Typo Practice - image 1 - student project

I really enjoyed this class and look forward to taking more from you.  I would certainly appreciate any feedback you can give me on this project.  I will also be turning in the second part (word grid) when it is finished.

This is my first attempt at really matching typography/working with illustrator. I was going for a sort of fun and creative but subdued look for the couple. Both their jobs require them spending a lot of one on one personal time helping an individual so I wanted that to be reflected in a calm yet warm layout (which is why the background is more of a purplish hue.  I tried a few things with the pastel pink but decided that just mixing the color into the blue would be more effective.

I'm looking for opinions on the type hierarchy and what I could improve there, and also feedback on the choices of the three fonts I put together and if they work (I personally think they do pretty well to reflect the calm and classic demeanor of the couple)