Jes Noparat

Seattle-based designer from Bangkok, Thailand.



JM's 2-Year Anniversary Pattern Design


This half-drop repeat pattern was done in celebration of my girlfriend's and my second anniversary. To gather inspiration, I made a list of all the things we did together. Then I objectified and illustrated about 20 things on that long list. For example, our first meeting in a geography class is represented by the little globe, and the bicycle symbolizes that time we did a cycling tour of Portland, OR.




However, since many of these objects are pretty visually complicated I decided to feature only half of them in the pattern, keeping them big and visible. I experimented with transparency and bright colors for a bit, but didn't end up with anything I was really thrilled with so I decided to keep the final design simple. Currently I'm thinking about turning this design into wrapping papers for the next time I give her a present, but welcome any suggestions for more creative use of it.


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