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Jenni James

Owner / Graphic Designer



JJ Sans + Structure

I followed the steps and laid them out accordingly.

Step  3:  Basic layout of text. Wasn't to thrilled, but i do love right alignment

Step 4: Breaking up the text. I feel I broke it up pretty standardly. I dended up  cutting out the address, because this day and age it's really not that important to my clients. They just want to know how they can reach me the quickest and talk to me. 

Step 5 & 6: When it came to emphasis I knew I wanted to continue with proximity. I wanted my name and my phone number the most important. When I started trying to lead the eye different places with lines, I found that I created this cool "H" negative space so I wanted to play with that. Depending how you look at it and maybe this is just me. You can see H, I and an exclamation point. 

Step 7: When I elaborated playing on the "H" I tried to create some balance with the weight of the 
"H" itself.



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