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JG. - BeAround.


Slogan - "BeAround."

intransitive verb.

to have an experience: to become sophisticated; sometimes: to have sexual experience

JG. Limited (JapaneseGirlfriend ltd.) is a New York based design and clothing label that specializes in high-quality garments coalescing the bravado of American design and the detail of Asian craft.

The brand was founded by two individuals: Reginald Pipkin, a designer and illustrator, and Jason Pierre, a student of branding and business management. The two share a belief that a fashion brand that focuses on making new experiences and finding new inspiration can leave a tangible mark in the world of lifestyle street wear.

To achieve this, we proactively share our mission and experiences with our fans and followers, standing for a simple idea that creative designs and solutions in conjunction with motivating others to “venture out” can positively invigorate the game in fashion and beyond. 

Project Guidlines

For our line sheet we added pieces from our previous collection and pieces from our next Summer/Spring collection currently in development. To make the linesheet a bit more cohesive we have added pages from our look book.

Note* JapaneseGirlfriend, referred to simply as “JG”, is about the experience of going out there and finding new things. The brand is named after one such experience.

Note* Our first collection dubbed 'Delayed' is a inside joke among ourselves and fans that is reflective of our past trials and tribulations of getting the brand off of the ground. As a result 'Delayed' is more of a collection of ideas rather than an offical bona fide offering of JG.

Note* In keeping with our theme of wanderlust our first official collection is named "Departure". We hope to tell the story of how JG. was "raised" in Tokyo. Much of ideas were cultivated during our 2 year tenure in Japan and much of that influence continues to be a mainstay in JG.

Our linesheet has embedded macro via excel which automatically calculates quantity, total units, and total price. All these where made for ease of use and efficiency.

Costing Sheet Example:

Our costing sheet considers all the cost of garment and accessory pricing. While this is just a sample of what we have, the entire excel sheet is macro enabled for ease of use and formatted in such a way that reflects all foreseeable costs and adds a 5% unseen cost that is broken down for each garment. We decided to take the 5% out of the garment cost because it is something we can control.

Once we have the information for vendors and buyers our costing shee will reflect those costs as well.

Sales, Sourcing, and Inventory

The sales and sourcing calendar proved to be the most difficult as we are just starting and we are still researching and interviewing potential vendors and buyers for JG. For that reason JG has taken a month to month approach for our calendar. We will be tracking inventory, sales totals, and gross totals for each type of garment. A vision of what we have in mind is detailed below.

I'n Closing

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has participated in the last two Skillshare classes featuring Jeff Staple. Seeing these other projects has really helped us step our game up and we feel a whole lot beter about our direction from your critiques. 

We'd also like to thank Jeff Staple himself as he has been a great teacher and an even better pioneer in the field of street wear/ lifestyle clothing. Thanks SEMPAI!


This is where we sign off ony saying that we wish the best of luck to all the other up and coming brands out there and when you thinking of going somewhere new or somewhere you have never been before, we hope you think of us+


-Reggie Pipkin, Creative Director

-Jason Pierre, Marketing Manager


Twitter - @JGltd

Instagram - @jglimited

Facebook - /JGLimited

Google+(cuz we're so forward) - +JGLimited

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