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Here is my teck pack! I couldn´t resist using my favourite colourway.

I´ve never seen such a detailed the design process of my work before. It is pretty interesting to see from where I´ve started to where I ended up. I mean I already had a very straight forward idea, but still there have been a few changes through out the last 4 weeks, based on comments from all of you. Thank you for that!


As a said before, one thing  I do like about the JC shirts are the hidden informations on some of the shirts. They are printed on the inside and give the customer a random information, that has something to do with the theme of the shirt.

If the wording doesn´t sound right, please let me know, as I´m not an english native speaker.


Colour time! I played around with different colour options for the tshirt. The colours are still very nature inspired, but have a look below. The last two shirts could be for the ladies.

Maybe the shirt is not named after a colour like red, green or orange, but after a vegtable and fruit like strawberry, cucumber and pumpkins.

I was thinking a lot about the type, rounded or edgy. Then looking back to where I started, I found the reason why it should be edgy. It is not about another graffiti brush stroke font, it is about vintage tractor/farming advertising and there, this edgy style was used a lot. That´s why I changed it back.


Thank you for all your feedback. Based on that, I choose this version for now. Maybe this will change again. Let´s see. I coloured it in the colours I was imagine and it looks like I was hoping it will look like.

Any other colour options you want to see?

One thing  I do like about the JC shirts are the hidden informations on some of the shirts. They are printed on the inside and give the customer a random information, that has something to do with the theme of the shirt. I´m currently thinking of what that random note for this shirt could be...

round option:

edgy option:

grown locally option (had to bring this back in, as I like the wagon on this option a lot):

and how I would place it on a t-shirt:



Alright, I think I have all the elements together. Right now I´m playing around with the composing. A few options are on the table. I now need to find the right balance and have to choose what elements can go, what elements can stay and where to place them.

One question I´d like to add, do I need to make a black outline around the cupkins, or would this be wrong? It looked wrong when I had it.




And here are some more details:

Because I´m listening to The Band, Neil Young and especially The Byrds´ "Sweetheart of the Rodeo",I want to keep the colours very melancholic. Farmers get up very early and finish the day very late. This is the mood I´d like to achieve.

Like in the beginning, where I showed Neil Young´s "Harvest", this is the colour palette I want to use. Maximum two orange/brown colours.

Let´s see if this is working or if I outline it as suggested and colour the elements in different colours.


First of all, I´ve noticed a few people from Boston are joining this class. I hope they and their family & friends are alright.

Below the first vector version of my tractor. I´m currently working on the wording and the details. Big question, does the driver need a chef hat or not? This has been done in the past quite a lot. On the other side, he is already smoking a cupcake pipe. Both could be too much.



Thank you all for your feedback. I took them on board and came up with two options so far. Looking forward to clean and colour them up. (added a better scan!)


First sketches to see how the set up could be like. I´ve done a few, but this is the only thing I want to share. The reason is, I´m not the best sketcher at all, therefore I´m looking forward to get this into Illustrator very quick and re-draw this to vectors.

The idea, as you can see below, is a tractor, that carries cupcakes, which look like pumpkins. Currently, I have a brown tractor and orange cupcakes in mind. Above a catchy phrase that supports the idea.

I´m not sure about the layout right now. I probably will play around with the single elements once they are in illustrator. 

A few open questions:

  • Is the word Johnny or Johnny Cupcakes missing?
  • What should be wider, Cupcakes or the tractor?
  • Do I need something below the tractor?


Hi my name is Ulli,

I´ve been following the Johnny Cupcakes brand for 4 years now. It is not only the T-Shirts that I like, but the whole outlook of everything that´s happening around JC. From the website to the boxer short packaging, I like the focus on details. I can´t stop looking at the artworks as I always find another little detail hidden somewhere in the illustration. Next to Clark Orr and Benny Gold, you Chris, are my most influental (living) graphic designer. That´s why I joined this class and hopefully graduate with a nice little artwork.

Of course I do a JC project.

Cupcakes references are on most of the JC T-Shirts and tweaked to other things, like a mountain, a hive or a hat


Vintage looking typography

Research so far
Considering all above points, I´d like to achieve an artwork that combines both, an illustration with cupcake references and a cool looking type next to it, like shown in above pictures.
I personally like vintage typography a lot. When I walk around the town, or visit other countries I always take pictures of signs and symbols I see. I collect them on this blog called www.typewatching.de and take them as a reference for own projects.
For the colours and the theme of this poject I´d like to do something in the mood of Neil Youngs "Harvest" record. Not that I have this font in mind, but more the light brown, orange colours and an artwork around farming. 
Possible slogan could be "Harvesting Cupcakes since 1982". What do you think?
For the illustration itself, I look into vintage tractor advertising
This is so far the base of my project.
Vintage type, warm colours, "harvest" theme. Let´s hope it is working...


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