JC x Bondi

JC x Bondi - student project

Hey there everyone, my name is Kim and I'm an advertising student currently in my first year of uni. I'm not entirely sure if advertising is right for me, but I've reasoned that as long as I keep doing graphic design on the side, I could potentially end up with best of both worlds! When I saw that the head designer of Johnny Cupcakes was holding an online class, I naturally could not resist the opportunity. 

I know that Johnny is coming to Sydney soon so I thought it was only apt that being Australian I should perhaps take a stab at designing a JC tshirt inspirered by the great land down under. There are so many different angles from which I could tackle this but I personally think the best thing about Sydney (even though Melbourne is far superior!) is Bondi beach. Here's a dodgy mood board I made. 

JC x Bondi - image 1 - student project 

I will probably change my mind at some point but there's a start. I'm really looking forward to how this project unfolds and I'm even more excited to see what everyone else comes up with! 

Thanks for looking! Kim