JC X BR - student project

Hey guys,

My name is Leandro Catrufo, father of João Pedro, married with Marilia and very fond of soccer.

I’m brazilian and I live in São Paulo.

I study Art Direction at Miami Ad School and I’m an assistent at Loducca.


I just found out that this first Project is due today. You know, working in a big agency is a little tough and I don’t have as much time as i wanted to do some other things i love, as painting, drawing, creating things without a client behind it.

 Well, I’ve been always thinking about having a brand and be totally free to create my things and make money with it. My friends always tell me to start it and bla bla bla but, i know it’s not like this. Watching Chris DeLorenzo’s video classes made me very glad for not having started my brand some years ago. I want to start it having a purpose, not just doing some nice drawings printed on a t-shirt and in the end people will not have a connection with the soul of the brand or a purpose to buy and wear.

Right now I still don’t know what concept my brand will follow, I just know that I need something to touch people’s passion so they feel proud about wearing the brand.

I paint some woody boxes and sell to friends or friends of friends. I know I will keep painting so I want to put it together to the brand. Do some hand made t-shirts and sell them inside the box. Make it limited and collectible. I don't like to hang out and find someone wearing the same cloth I'm wearing. What I need now is find the soul of the brand so I can start it.

Here are some examples:

JC X BR - image 1 - student project

 JC X BR - image 2 - student project

JC X BR - image 3 - student project

JC X BR - image 4 - student project

As I’m not ready with my brand yet I want to design my project for Johnny Cupcakes. Although it’s not my brand I’m sure I will learn a lot and put it in practice in the future.

Next year is the World Cup here in Brazil and we’ll also hold the Olympic Games in 2016. I want to design a t-shirt for these events. I know Johnny Cupcakes has the concept of doing more what makes you happy, and what makes us happy here lately is the World Cup of Soccer being here. I don’t know much people, but the people I work with, some old school friends, they all know about Johnny Cupcakes and the brand became an inspiration for most. Designing a t-shirt about the World Cup with the beauties of the country I know it can make people here emotionaly closer to the brand, more than they already are.


If someone has any feedback I’m totally looking forward to it. Feel comfortable.


Nice to meet you guys. I’m very happy to be part of this Project.