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I do stuff for things, and things for stuff





Family is from the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Western Virgina on the boarder of North Carolina.

Laurel Fork is actually where my dad was born, so Laurel was great to use.

I made lists with my wife and we came up with some stuff that was somewhat dreamed and somewhat researched, but all in all super fun to brainstorm on after getting the little dude down for the night.

Just going to put up some progress shots from today and see what you all think...not done yet, but wanted to get some feed back.

Thanks for such a rad class Mr. Draplin (student teacher respect), I have had a blast on a Saturday off from the mill.


Will Jackson


UPDATED VERSION (couldn't stop)

So.... I have reworked some angles and done some mock ups and feel pretty cool with where I have ended up. I gotta say, this was a fun project and the time I was able to spend on it was fun in between the ol life I lead.

Thanks again to the DDC for the opportunity to work towards a nice end goal.

Keep working folks, cause even if this isn't your day job, it beats the heck out of most else.

CHEERS and any feedback would be welcome.

Again, thanks for looking at my rediculous amount of screen shots, and my end project...I think ol' Big John would be stoked.

Have a great day.



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