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Melinda L.

Graphic designer



JACK- The introvert's way to connecting with the world


Once I adopted a dog, I realized just how many more people I talk to in a day because of him.

Here is some of the data I will be collecting:

How many people (and dogs!) does Jack attract during one day?
How many conversations are started because Jack is with me?
How long do the conversations last?
Are they with old or new friends?
How many people just talk to Jack and walk by?
How many talk to me only, and compliment Jack?



After sketching out many different versions of the framework, I decided to go with the linear timeline.

Looking over my data, I decided to narrow it down to just tracking "how many people (and dogs) did Jack attract today?"

Explanation of my sketch:
Jack will be at the top, with his leash making up the linear timeline. The time will be displayed on dog tags. The amount of people I talked to because Jack was with me will be broken up into 3 categories:

  • Male (shown as bowties)
  • Female (shown as bows)
  • Dogs (shown as bones)

*One bowtie/bow/bone = one male/female/dog



Here's a start to the last phase of the project. I have yet to add the bowties, bows and bones to the layout. I'm also trying to think of a good title. 


"JACK- The introvert's way to connecting with the world
-a visual tracker of the amount of people my dog attracks"

"Jack, the conversation magnet

The colors and layout are not final. I will see how things emerge as I keep working. 


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