J. L. McGlothlin




J. L. McGlothlin's Game Plan

Step. 1

Who am I?

  • Passionate - Author/Artist Combo – Created cover art and illustrations for my book! Art lit the fire to write for me through the designing of characters and wondering what kind of adventures they would go on, who they were deep down, and what they thought about the things around them.
  • Stubborn – When my mind is made up, there’s no changing it. I stay true to my ideas.
  • Appreciation/Attention to small details - I like to expose the deeper meanings behind everything.


What do I have to offer?

  • Artwork, both original (from my story!) and fanart.
  • Premade cover art specials???
  • Talk about my writing process as a writer/artist.


 Merge ‘Em!

  • Create quality art from things I’m a fan of to connect with readers so they’ll see my art and the illustrations for my book. Maybe even create teaser comics from my book! The possibilities are endless!


Step 2.

  1. Who? Young/New Adults
  2. What? Artwork
  3. When? Every Sunday
  4. Where? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, deviantArt
  5. How? Updating my social medias and being consistent. Talking to people and finding common interests!


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