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J. Catherine Designs

After just graduating college with a degree in fashion design, I decided to start my own company! Very daring... I know. Although I had designed wedding dresses in school, I decided that that was a little ambitious for a one woman start up company, (and pricey too!) so I directed my attention towards creating Swarovski shoes for brides, to be able to still keep my toes in the wedding pool. I can up with a quick logo to get my name out there and started to get some work!! After creating a few pairs of shoes I decided that my logo really didn't fit to well with the feel of my company.

(my old logo)

After comparing some of the shoes that I've done to the logo they don't seem to match up at all. The shoes are fun and youthful and the logo is frumpy and outdated.


So now I am on a mission to create a new and more exciting logo to fit with my designs. So far I have come up with my mood board and coordinating color stories as well as a rough idea of type choices. Thoughts?

Background: Who are You and what is your current situation?

J. Catherine Designs is a small start up design company that specializes in Handcrafted Swarovski crystal strassed shoes for bridal parties and special occasions.

Objective: What are You trying to accomplish?

Looking to re-create a younger more relatable brand image in hopes of attracting more clientele.

Target Audience: Who are your ideal customers?

Young professional fun women, age 18-35, in the process of planning their wedding, in a friend’s wedding, or has a very special upcoming event, that they want something unique to remember it by.

Message: What are you trying to say? (speaking directly to client)

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life. Why not Feel that from your head to your toes in a Custom made one-of-a-kind pair of shoes made for you that are as special as you are?

Competition: Who are your biggest competitors?

Other companies that create Swarovski shoes. Especially the other companies that hand make theirs,

i.e. SophieandAva.com, and Crystalshoes.com

Distinguishing Characteristics: what makes you unique?

  • A history and education in weddings as well as fashion design
  • A love of romance
  • Fun loving company with a passion for creating and expanding
  • Artistic mind able to produce more whimsical and exciting designs

Creative Considerations: Any specific directives that should apply to the work?

  • lots of color
  • nothing too stiff and tight
  • something with a little bit of sparkle to tie back in with the crystal aspect.

Tone or Key Words: What personality do you want to project to your audience?

  • sophisticated
  • youthful
  • romantic
  • glamorous
  • charming
  • vibrant


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