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Ashley Aliko

Designer of Beautiful Things



J i k k e n t e k i >> Experi.mental

Phase I: Introduction and Idea layout


I am a graphic designer also trained in illustration, book making/box engineering, painting, printmaking and silkscreening. Perhaps if I had less interests, life could be easier? I enjoy WordPress site development and photography and sewing and language (Speak Japanese) and people and more! I am experiencial and mental. Always thinking deeper about "what it means, what does it really mean... how does that relate to life, how does what just happened relate to my life?" and asking other questions that allow me to have different answers.

Along the way, I started thinking that I was doing everything wrong and started following the advice of folks who didn't necessarily have my best interests at heart and were probably not sure if I was serious or lost or just not all together coherent.

I'm currently still in a big transition phase in my life and part of what I am up to is owning what I can present in the world. Editing how I present it and when.

My first idea is called Jikkenteki. (If you don't speak Japanese, it would probably go something like "G-Kentucky"). :-). The translation means 'experimental" and it fit with what I am up to.

I want to raise the standards in my design career and go towards beautifully painted and drawn textile art to create clutches with hardware, purses, shopping bags, wallets and more. I have been [experimenting] with engineering wallets using paper and vinyl. Having to put on the back burner paintings, illustrations, drawings etc. as an offering so I do not come across as UN-focused. Start out small and work my way from here. I am starting with bag/purse/clutch design utilizing new and repurposed materials as well as my own art. I am also creating poems of prosperity for each bag. Prosperity bags if you will. Prosperity wallets.


Here is one purse design. I call it the Opera bag. Mixing materials and creating a texture overlay. I like the visual noise these material combinations offer.

Here is a paper and vinyl wallet for someone who loved animal prints.

Here are some passport sized mini wallets made from different papers.

I believe to find some [unique] aspect to these projects.... working with my own designed papers, repeat patterns and materials is the way to go. Creating prosperity and reminders of such in each piece. 

I really enjoy craft and making. I still enjoy graphic design however... the industry as a whole is changing so much. I will keep up with the technology of it all and put my energy and efforts into making products with my unique visions of images, repeat patterns and the such.


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