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J-Pac, Incorporated Brand Experiment

                                                           J-Pac, Incorporated Creative Brief


J-Pac, Incorporated is an American backpack maker, based out of Atlanta, GA. J-Pac, Incorporated’s current brand identity is unfocused and does not reflect the brand or its product assortment.


To reposition J-Pac, Incorporated’s brand so that it’s more focused and accurately reflects the brands unique personality and products assortment.

Target Audience

Educated, family oriented and social men and women, between the ages of 25-40, our target consumer are casual outdoorsy types, seeking new and convenient ways to enjoy spending time with their friends and families.


J-Pac, Incorporated will provide you with convenient and unique ways to enjoy friends, family, and the great outdoors.


J-Pac, Incorporated has no specific competitors, though attention has been placed on other backpack makers.

Distinguished Characteristics

  • Provides a unique product assortment
  • Family owned and operated
  • Patented product that will make enjoying the outdoors more convenient

Creative Considerations

  • Avoid the use of the words “small business” or “Start Up”
  • No pastel colors
  • Logo may be printed on canvas and cloth.
  • Color Palette that is a bit vintage Americana, Navy, Reds, and Golden yellows

Tone or Keywords

  • Family oriented                                  
  • Youthful
  • Social 
  • Genuine
  • Smart
  • Friendly
  • Outdoorsy
  • Tough
  • Vintage-Modern

Mood Board, Color Palette, and Typography

J-Pac, Inc. already had an existing logo (See Below)


I felt that the logo was a bit too techy, and there was no mention of the company name!! I wanted a Logo that had a "Military" "Outdoorsy" feel, but still had a luxury feel.

For my color pallette I chose colors that were bold and Americana. The Red, Mustard, and Black are reflected in the logo and I chose the creme and black to be used for Body Text. The Red, and Mustard text will be used for header text, and the Blue for backgrounds.

TYPOGRAPHY: I chose OctinVintageBRg for my main text and Secret Code for my body text. I've also choosen Press Style to be used as a secondary font on more masculine backpack designs.


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