Jets Twit was born in 2009 as an idea to bring a unuiqe perspect to the team I love:  The New York Jets.  I know Gary Vee loves the Jets and hopes to own them one day, but I had no idea who he was or what he did for a living.  I was introduced to Gary (he found me) through twitter.

Fast foward to today, I have expanded my brand "Jets Twit" from twitter to Facebook, Instagram, a blog and a podcast.  I have built up a pretty great following in each platform by jabbing in each arena. 

My problem?  When I go to right hook, they duck, or I graze them and get so so results.  I believe I have built up the equity in each platform and I do realize (so I've learned) that each plafform gets different results with each post.

My story?  I'm @e_man on twitter.  I tell my Father, who is amazed how people follow me around tailgates and online, that I'm like a character.  "@e_man" is known as the Jets guy.  I'm known as the DIE-HARD Jets Fan. 

I was one of the first out there to make connections with players, build relationships with influential people in the NFL, but as Gary says, everyone is doing it now.  I can no longer stay with my original strategy.  I need to up my game.

I'm the guy who finds and creates unuiqe content, but I wantt o be the guy, as Gary puts it, "Sells Shit" to fans who are looking for the same products I am.

The main reason why I do Jets Twit.  I love the Jets so much.  I read and consume everything Jets and I felt "Heck, why not share what I find to other die-hards".  The demand was there so I supply.


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