J.B. Signature Soaps

J.B. Signature Soaps - student project

2.26.13 - Genesis

J.B. Signature Soaps is a real startup. This is actually a project my buddy took on doing their branding. I thought I would use them to take on a one-pager. Their soaps are very different in the sence they actually help with scar and burn damage to the skin. They're very eco friendly. The packaging is printed on seed paper that will grow flowers if planted. It's a really cool concept and I think this will be a fun project.


Here is a bigger and closer shot of the logo. This isn't my work but I figured I would show the branding.

J.B. Signature Soaps - image 1 - student project

Color Palette:

Starting with a color pallet I wanted something that would be earthy but still appeal to females. I went with the brown and eggshell colors to match the eco style and used purple as an accent color. Black and white were part of the branding so I left those in.

J.B. Signature Soaps - image 2 - student project


Usually I start with some sketches (which I may go back to later), but this time around I didn't. I will be updating this with new sections and product shots but below is the start of the basic idea.

J.B. Signature Soaps - image 3 - student project

3.5.13 - Betta Recognize

I made some of the changes proposed in the comments. I brought in a new typeface for the headings and buttons. There is a slight gradient on the buttons so they have a bit more depth. I took away the company name and just left the logo. This also allowed me to remove the white header bar at the top which I think made it a bit more unique. I added a section that will explain what all the soap does. I took away the paper aspect of the enviromental section and added the packaging which has that messaging printed on it. This section hasn't really grown on me yet. Ha! Get it? I might look at doing an illustration of a flower bud growing from the paper, we'll see. Check it out below.

J.B. Signature Soaps - image 4 - student project

3.7.13 - Milestone 1

Here is my latest comp for the first milestone. YAY!

J.B. Signature Soaps - image 5 - student project

3.20.13 - Milestone 2

Yup, I'm super late with this. I didn't get any emails from this class until tonight so it slipped my mind. I, however, have an update to my project. Minor but still an update. I added a navigation for other pages as well as changed the checkboxes to be just checkboxes without the box around them and they have a little texture to them. I'll work on the checkboxes some more as I'm not incredibly happy with them yet. I'll work on it some more tomorrow and have something for Friday. I might have an extra goody for teech to review.

J.B. Signature Soaps - image 6 - student project

Let me know what you think. I ain't scurrrd!