Ivy - student project

I shot this on my Nikon D7500 using a 50mm prime lens. My aperture was 4.5 and my shutter speed was 1/125.

I find I like wide apertures as I like to make things stand out. I made small adjustments after taking it, bumping up the light and clarity a bit to sharpen it and make it pop a bit more. 

I did this right after finishing the class, so I was excited to try out one of my prime lenses. I've been interested in photography for quite a while, but never devoted as much time as I'd like to it. When my dad died a few years ago, I inherited all of his equipment, so I want to put it to good use! It's my connection to him, he got me started way back with a film camera (remember those!?).Ivy - image 1 - student project