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My name is Leah Michelle. I am a wedding planner via a windy route through photography, advertising and design. I was born and raised in Florida and whether I like it or not the beach creeps into everything I do. 

I have a dream of following my passion for art and opening an online studio of photography, painting and hand lettering (specificallly calligraphy).


Mood board:


Ideal Client:

I feel my ideal client would break into three categories, or three different people:

Client #1:

Brooke is 24 and a recent college graduate living in a new city in her first apartment. She has an entry level job in business management. As a "young adult" she is looking to settle into her first home and make it her own, cementing her independance. She loves to read fashion and travel blogs and dreams of living the "big city" life style. She enjoys going to concerts with her friends and reading a good book to relax. Brooke is looking for budget friendly ways to add character and personality to her own space.

Client #2:

Micah and Sarah, 28 and 27 respectively, are a newly engaged couple. Micah is in accounting and Sarah is an administrative assistant. They are working together to plan their wedding for 150 guest and struggling to appease their traditional families while integrating a fun party and their personality into their big day. They are looking for custom pieces and products for their wedding that have style without breaking the bank. They love the look of weddings out of blogs and magazines but what to create an event that is fun for their guests.

Client #3:

Chris and Lauren are a newlywed couple and in their early 30's. They have two dogs and are living in their first home together. They are just begining to settle into marriage but still enjoy a fun and independent (no kids) lifestyle with their friends, having bbqs while watching football and spending weekends on the water. Lauren and Chris love to entertain and long for a house with "magazine appeal." They are looking for unique pieces for their home to begin a personal art collection.

Brand questionairre: 



Another big one that I forgot to put onto my questionairre belongs in my favorite brand spot. I would include west elm. I think the style of west elm is a big influence on me personally and especially in my home. 

I heart organizing is another favorite of mine. Her logo is clean and bright and her styling on her blog and in her photography is so stunning.



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