Randy Meredith

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I've learned so much in this class

I am an Illustrator newbie. Illustrator has always been something of a mystery to me, as I tended to work exclusively with Photoshop. I am amazed at what I learned in this class. Thanks Helen. You are a great teacher.

I used the "color-everything-below" trick Helen demonstrated in the last video to change my orange-ish sunburst to blue-ish. Then I set the blending mode for the rectangle to the Screen blending mode, and Viola! This newbie, old geezer came up with a perfect sunburst for Joe Cool.

Joe Cool was downloaded from http://www.freepik.com/ (title: happypilot) as a .eps file - another thing I've never worked with. I opened it in Illustrator and used tricks learned from Helen in another class to remove vector elements I didn't want (like the original sunburst, clouds, etc.)

Below are 2 images: The first is the original "happy pilot"; the second is happy pilot promoted to Joe Cool.


Check out Joe Cool doing his "Look Ma, no hands!" fly-by.



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