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I've Never Looked At My Face This Much Before

I was surprised pretty consistently with every single one of these self portraits. While I feel that this one actually looks the least like me, I was curious about the pencil portraits though. It's been probably 2 years since I've attempted a self-portrait and I think I leveled up somewhere along the way without noticing. The sketch of my child self particularly. I'd like to keep pursuing this with other faces, especially trying to capture the expression.

My favorite prompt though was Day 5, Mix It Up. I want to cut more stencils right now. Thank you so much for the support throught he challenge!


The safest place I know, I can linger for hours. This is a close approximation of my clawfoot, mine's all boring white though and there is usually WAY more clutter on that window sill in real life.


Day 7/10 was kind of grim for me personally for reasons that had nothing to do with having to do a self-portrait. So it's not how I usually feel but that day was about 48 different shades of blue inside.


Boiling me down into bitmoji format for day 7/10. I liked playing with discreet blocks of color like this instead of trying to shade and blend. It reminded me of screenprinting.


For day 6/10, I thought about how getting the relationship between my glasses and my eyes right is key. After that, the rest of my face sort of falls into place, enough to resemble a human anyway. It's a little surprising considering I didn't get glasses until well into adulthood. Sketches where I'm not wearing them are extra challenging for proportions... and for blurry vision!


Look at that, day 5/10 and a stenciled self portrait JUST HAPPENED to show up on the dumpster behind my apartment building a few minutes ago.


I almost always wear my hair in plaits because this is what happens when I don't. I really liked that picture of myself though because, even though a lot of my face was obscured, you can still tell that I was smiling just from my eye. Was trying really hard to catch that in this sketch.


My mother told me to "Smile big!" and I gave it all I had. It was cool to see some of the subtle changes, I don't smile big like that nearly as often as I should.


I don't know if I've ever looked at my face this closely for this long. I don't know how much it actually looks like me but... each part of it looks like my parts, just maybe nearer or closer to each other than they really are. I found out that I smirk at myself when I look for too long!


The two attempts that actually look like a human. The time limit definitely helped on this as I generally lean toward fine details and this eliminated any dithering and hesitation.



I'm going to stick to pencil crayons for these drawings. I discovered in the last class that I was a lot less exacting with myself and a lot more adventurous with color and I would like to explore that a litle more.


Moving forward, going from reading about what other people have done to doing things myself.



I have a houseguest right now who is living in what was my studio. I don't know that I'm in my winter season by choice but the items on that part of the list felt right. So this was a quick scribble of me dreaming about a studio and what I would like to have in it. Simple needs only!



I've fallen out of the practice of Artist Dates in the last few years so I kept it very simple. Packed a lunch, took a long walk through the concrete downtown area until I found a patch of grass that I could sit and eat and people watch all of the office workers on their breaks. I live within walking distance of 3 art galleries, 2 museums, 3 libraries, AND Toad Hall Toys and I don't take advantage of it near enough. This is a habit that I definitely need to reestablish



Rediscovering things that bring me joy. I wouldn't say that my feet especially bring me joy but I think they're probably the one thing that I"ve sketched and painted the most in my life because, well, they're always there! This is the first time with colored pencil though so it was nice to have a familiar subject. I didn't feel the same pressure as usual to faithfully reproduce colors as when I'm painting or dyeing. There was no yellow ochre in what I could see in front of me but it was exactly what I wanted to use for the sketch.



I was so thrilled to add new material to the jar! All of the lovely new prompts and then I draw one of the old ones...   but still good! SHADOW: And because I've been packing up all of the old family albums, this brought to mind my mother's boundless enthusiasm for driving out of town on cold winter mornings to take pictures of hoarfrost on the trees when it formed. So many pictures of this uniform forest covered with white frost! And, in every one of them, her shadow stretching out from the bottom with the arms up holding the camera. Actually, every picture that she took outside, her favorite form of group portrait was everyone squinting into the sun toward her.



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