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Joseph F.




It's working! More focused than ever before.

It didn't start out very well. I began this course by taking the diagnostics test, and it made me fear the expected, that I was not focused when working from home.

I'm a architectural and corporate freelance photographer, based in New England. My work life is centered around the potential for photo shoots that occur on location, usually at client's offices or project sites. But, about 65% of my time is spent in my home office, writing proposals, invoices, editing photographs, catching up on projects around the house, etc.

When I found and joined this course, it felt like throwing a hail mary pass. This time of year is particularly slow for me, and it's often a good time to catch up on projects I've put off, marketing, and organizing my year-end finances. It's also a great time to learn. I often research new techniques, equipment, marketing strategies, and try to retain my clients for projects next year. But, I have recently come to terms with my lack of focus around the home office and new I had to start here before the winter is over and I'm back at work, feeling overwhelmed.

I watched this course over two days. Initially, when you mentioned that I'd start with 40-50 open loops, I laughed. But, just 10 minutes later, I found 48 open loops. I also had Evernote installed, and have had it on all my devices for at least 3 years, but never really knew how to put it to good use. The same guy who's been using multiple physical notebooks to track throughts and ideas, without a clear idea of how I should be journaling.

By noon today, 12/11/14, I have a great feeling of accomplishment and enthusiasm for my new organizational system. Something I'd actually be proud to share at any of my association meetings with peers and colleagues.

Here's a few screenshots of all the good that's come of this course. Thanks Tiago and Skillshare for all of your help! You've gained a new yearly-member!!

- Joe

I even took this method into my documents folder on my Mac, as well as my Dropbox like you recommended - as well as my folder stucture with Gmail! Finally, a system that makes sense in my mind.

Thanks, again! - JF


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